Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Campus food? Yucks!

This would be the sem that I had dined in on campus for the most times! And I can't definitely tell, the food had not improve even a teeny weeny bit! Its freaking expensive & it sucks! Sucks 9 9! Even the infamous Indo Mee Goreng is disgusting me out~ Left San Fransisco Coffee & 1901, but, still, what about the other 10 stores they have T_T? If its not because of the !@#$$%@%@ assignment, I'll definitely not be eating there! Even my high school food taste better! Grrr!

If any of your friend happens to ask you to pop by Monash to have a quick lunch with them, don't ever fall in to the bait! You'll regret 10000000%!!!

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