Sunday, May 31, 2009

Petrosains outing =)

Heard of Petrosains located at KLCC? The place where you see little kids line up all day long to get in? At the starting of the month, we decided to give it a try *we ran out of places to go*. I skipped class though. Feeling a little guilty about it =X The admission for the place is cheap, kinda interesting if you're interested in learning mostly-physic-and-bio-related-stuffs which are cool =) & experiencing & playing funky stuffs! Bunny! Let's hit Petrosains after our exams XD!

Anyway we went over to KLCC to have our lunch there. Didn't realise why of all place they choose Sushi King though =C The service really sucks over there =C Anyhow, one of the main reason we choose Petrosains is because of this...

Not clear enough?
Eh-hem! Cute??? Definitely a big fat YES! Introducing TungTung a.k.a Ken's daughter =)
Me & Nen =C One of our last trip before he left!
The family. Ken - Tung - Fanice *sorry T_T your name's spelling is too complicated*
The baby getting hyper over a hrmm electronic dinosaur at Dinotrek =P
The two hyper boys who went on a cycle competition!
Sand box for fossil digging =)
Mother dinosaur looking after their eggs?
The dino war! Apparently, according to the explanation provided, there's no way knowing which dinosaur will win because both exist in a different time era =)
Funky games provided with the three big babies hyper over it =)
Entering the Petrosains!
Creating a passage of their own =)
Machos over miniature construction machines!

Feeling really sleepy. Going off to bed =) Nights! To the party people out there, have fun =)

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