Thursday, November 19, 2009


My time zone is utterly upside down for the moment. This is the consequences spending too much time at Sunway for the past month but the fun was good but living in this time zone since I'm back at Cheras is a torture! So many stuffs had happened for the past month, it made me understand more things, clear the confusion off some past questions & of course, it leads to more new questions! One thing for sure is I'm finally 2 0 & I just wanna say a quick thanks to all my friends for everything they did & their birthday wishes. My family is not to be leave out of these for the excellent dinner at Millenium & my grandparents flying all the way from Hong Kong just for it.

Exams are finally over & I did badly for it but now its a 3 month long holiday. I'm getting a feeling that there will be lots of changes next sem but till then, I'm going to savour every precious moments & enjoy as much as I could =]

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