Sunday, November 29, 2009

A new look!

I know what you guys must be thinking. Its about time I get my lazy ass off my bed & do something about my blog. Well, I did but I'm still one lazy fella so I went searching & downloading ready-made backgrounds instead of doing one on my own. Credit to the one who made this wonderful background*& credit to me for being hardworking tonight*. Re-doing the whole blog thing is just a way for me to get my mind off some issues. Well, I'll leave the issue for some other time since the issue had been there for years & writing about it a few days later isn't going to change anything.

Anyway today was a fucked up day*sorry for the foul language* but of course, there's a few hours of "light" where 2 of my Subang's wise men came all the way to Cheras to find me. The other night dinner was awesome with Joe Win being late & Evonne & Kimberly joining us for drinks later. Did all kind of crazy stuffs & I guess I better not return to Jaya One for at least another month! Everybody was staring weih! Pictures will be up soon I promise =] KL is dead for the weekend with most of my friends spread throughout various places in Malaysia but anyhow most of the fellow people are finally coming back from Melbourne next week & of course, this include Amelia!

Ergh, anyway I guess its not advisable to write when I'm feeling utterly depressed. Maybe I'll write later if I'm feeling cheerful. Or not.

Stay tune anyway since its my holiday now & I have so much free time with nothing to do at all so if you are interested in me or my fucked-up life or you are just like me with too much time too little to do, well, just drop by. See, now I'm crapping. Sook Lee is gonna love this. Oh, btw, Sook Lee, you own me one much much detail story!

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