Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quattro night out.

This post that was supposed to be on a night out for the end of September & I guess you guys can see how late it is. Ah Yang gave me a bottle he had over at Quattro since the last time he went he opened up 2 but only drank 1 and well, I had locked myself away from the party scene for months. Brought my honey Soo & darling Angel along & a "driver" in case anyone became runk. Later on, my bunch of Monash brothers came along, glad that they came! Argh.. Pictures time =)
My new dress. Bought it over @ Bangsar. Was on sales & was really worth it. Me likey =]
Me & Angel
Posing @ the entrance while waiting =]
And of course, my honey & me weih =]
Argh.. I'm lazy after uploading so many pictures. Just look at that the pictures. No more captions =D

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