Monday, November 30, 2009


After of being frequently asked "Do you have a Twitter account?" I finally had one today "thanks" to someone. Oh well, I guess it's still pointless since I had no idea what Twitter is all about. Someone care enough to enlighten me what it is all about instead of being like someone who created one for me but left me to myself to figure it out? Please, I'm lost. What's with the following & follower thing & it's somehow linked to my Facebook account as if fb's update on status isn't enough? "I believe your followers will increase in no time. Hehe." commented by my dear friend & I couldn't imagine who-on-Earth will want to follow this pathetic account of mine since someone told me all I had to tweet about is what I'm going to do or what I did? Huh??? If you can see me now, you probably see question marks on my head. Shoot me for being a dumbass on technology =[

It's 2:15 in the morning now & I'm still bright awake. Tried all the possible ways to get myself to sleep but my utterly-small-single-eyelid-eyes is still not willing to close. God bless. And if you happen to look out the window tonight, you'll probably see a almost-full-moon outside. Probably be full tomorrow. Been seeing if for a few nights, it's beautiful.

To those who are going to sleep or who's already sleeping, have a good night & sweet dreams. To those who are still awake like me which will include most of my friends, we have to change these bad life habit of ours. I had read something on sleeping late shorten the life span! We're all gonna be dead really young!

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