Sunday, November 29, 2009

Adrian's 21st Birthday!

Was going through my phone today when I saw these video & pictures taken during Adrian's birthday which was two months ago. Gosh, how much I misses him! He's such a clown, always trying to make a fool out of himself just to cheer others up but he always ended up looking cute & silly. Maybe his wasn't the image he meant to project for his fans anyway because at time it makes me laugh inside seeing him during his work time but in a way, the TV series, A Cup of Love which shows him some what dumb is cute. And the Vogue short film he stares in as the "evil twin" was some what another image of him. Too bad that the short film will only be released in the short film festival over at US which means I have to get my US buddies to get it for me! Can't wait for it to be out next year during the film fest! I remember once when we were chatting he told me it wasn't easy to be a clown. That I agree. To us, you are always one of a kind special friend & I missed you badly =[

A few close friends decided to celebrate his birthday, nothing big since his manager & company did a bigger bash for him back then. Ours was just a simple Japanese BBQ buffet supper over at KL. My 1st time over there & the food is definitely on my list of recommendation. Some might told me that its because its supper & stuff but we got no choice =[ 1st, some of them are still working at dinner time including these busy birthday boy & 2nd, its hard to celebrate his birthday in a clouded space without drawing much attention! I had to admit, he do have quite some fans although I had never heard of him till I know him but forgive me with artists & singers & bands & actors etc. I guess for local, he's quite the star but after knowing him, I can see he has the talent so work hard my dear, whether its in Taiwan or KL!

Some pictures & video below but all in low quality as its recorded through my urgh-urgh-phone & its really dark there!
Happy Birthday Adrian! Always still the clown & running away from the cake after you blow it doesn't help you to escape you fate of being fooled!
Didn't really remember what he was doing anyway.
And you get a real cake at the end k? So stop complaining about all the little cupcakes & desserts we used at the first place!
Getting ready to go down on the candle...
Set.. Go!
We went easy on you dy!
Happy 21st birthday Adrian & may your wish come true, whatever wish you made & put a good use to my birthday present. Hmph! You're a bad guesser.

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