Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Melaka Trip '09

Took a quickie road trip down to Melaka on the beginning of my summer holiday last year. Well the main reason of this trip is because my honey loves has to put some of her stuff at there grandma's place & at the same time, I wanted to visit Ah Yi who finally decided to settle down in Melaka & opened up her own gold shop. Oh.. And its Ah Yi's birthday too. So there we go, me the designated driver for the trip. Drove down around evening, drop her stuff at the grandma's place & showered & off to the city we go. First stop, satay celup/celop! *Idk the spelling.. Forgive me..*

Capitol Satay.. I think it was good luck bcos the time when we reach there, there was nobody lining out there & there was this table people leaving.. No need to wait =DMe & Ah Yi busy choosing food..
Cucumbers & bread..
My honey loves..
Hungry hungry.. *slurps*
Then the other bunch of KL-ians who follower Juice down to Melaka came along too when they heard we got the table dy..
The big eater Abel!! Oh well, throughout the whole trip he was the one who non-stop eats.. & eat.. & eat..
Juice & Tiong

Headed to some cafe after bought lotsa coffee & milk tea & headed to a "place" to "celebrate" Ah Yi's birthday with some of her friends & relatives..
Next morning.. Being the early birds..

Found this picture interesting with this kid riding the horse passing right in the middle. Cute =)
Time for big breakfast =)
Me & honey loves waiting for the food..
Toast.. Baked cheese... Noodless... Red bean ice.. Milk tea... Yummy loves!
Headed next to the Jetty for a long walk.. And the sky outside definitely fits the definition of "emo" sky for my loveliess!!

*snap snap*
Headed to karaoke next.. Although the sound system is kinda sucky, but the view is definitely worth it!
Amazing sea view.. Oh & see the lil' platform on the ocean behind? Definitely the place to chill & drink, beer garden woots!
Boy, K & Mel decided to join us in Melaka as well. Headed for satay next with Juice, Tiong, Abel & Kerynne..
Mel & K..
And the poser with his signature pose.. Or more like only pose.. Juice =P
Durian cendol next! Da yum!
Kerynne & me (''.)
The two stoners.. Or jokerss.. Or clowns.. Whatever you call it!
Definitely thumbs up for this bowl of durian cendol. The only thing I dislike is the red kidney beans. Ewwwww!!
The kid who saw his "gift"

I got tired of food & demanded a break from it since I wanted to visit the Eye Of Malaysia =)
And they got attracted by the big snake at the animal exhibition on the entrance..
Tiong too..

Excited balls bcos I finally get to go on the Merry-Go-Round... Heheeee..

Doesn't he look adorable hereeee? Awwwhhh =)

Guess whatttt??
K freaked outtt!!!!
It seems like he's praying to God for help.. *He even screamed to get out when it didn't stop at the first round to let us out.. Lol*
And then....
Tiong became nausea too.. Motion sickness.. Lol!
Headed next for the animal exhibition..
Its a guy-curiosity thing to do.. I guess..
Look at the Do-Re-Mi curiosity faces!
And this definitely reminds me of my milk-milk T_T I miss him.. And his spider T_T
And this definitely makes me wonder when does a fury cat became an "exotic animal" & for the right for animal exhibition...
Food again next.. Abel just can't stop eating.. But this is definitely one of the best meal but I know there's quite some people who couldn't accept the environment of this place..
The guys demanded for a picture of them while waiting for a table..
Group picture of the boysss..
Jonker Walk next for snacks & beerrr!!!
Cotton candy machine.. Boys & machines.. More to toys.. Hahahaa!!
Cotton candy sensatiooooonnnn loves!
Bumped into other KL-ians! Me God-of-War, Markkk!
Then we headed to some bar at the middle of the Jonker walk for some beerrr. Hoegaarden loves! And I definitely love the bar compared to the club we headed to next..
Juice with his old-school-mini-gun. Damn cute...
Then Abel decided he had to try the duck mee as well before we headed to the club.. Headed to some housing area next..
Pictures taken by Kerynne... Funny!

Headed to Pure Bar next.. *I'm sorry to say so.. But I seriously couldn't "understand" the music & the crow there*
Me & Juice
Me & Tiong
Abel & me
Darling Kerynne & me!
Bumped into Jocelyn who came all the way to Melaka for friend's birthday too!

Didn't really feel like blogging these days. Out of words I guess. You guys can see its mostly pictures & not much words. Even when there's words, it just doesn't make sense ain't it? Lol! At least I'm trying not to leave the blog dead!!

Good night people (''.)


Bingwui said...

Hi there! Mine to share to location of the place where u had ur big breakfast of baked cheese? I work in melaka and am curious as i didn't came pass this place which u mentioned ;)

Cristine said...

Hi (".) Actually the baked cheese is nothing special. Its everywhere. Lol. You know Wong Kok Char Chan Teng? The one at Pahlawan Square? Me & my friend ate there because we was lazy to think. Lol!

bingwui said...

oooo hehehe.. kampung me.. will take note of that. thanx..

Cristine said...

Haha.. Its not bcos you're kampung.. It just bcos there's too much good food in Melaka than to go to Wong Kok for nothing =="