Saturday, October 11, 2008

Night out with Jenny =)

Jenny surprised me by calling me out to BarCelona, claiming she had been stressed out with all the assignments & studying (which I agree too) so I went along with her & her boyfriend. It's Thursday night which means ladies night and it had been some time since I went to BarCelona. I didn't know any of her friends, which was okay as she was with me most of the time & her boyfriend, and like I said, its Thursday & Ken's spinning over there. Bumped into Wei Lip, Yunda, the Korean bunch like Hestia, Jung Hee and their partners, Jeffrey, etc.
Jenny used to be my high school mate, currently studying over at Monash (her 1st sem!) which means she's my uni mate too =D She & I went way back, when we danced 2gether in some competitions & taught dancing to some younger children too! I miss those times babe!

With Jenny out, I didn't drank like I used to & she was downing the drinks so fast that she was in her dancing spree in no time, leaving me no time to drink but only to dance! We went to all the dancefloor available, dance all the way & my feet hurts! But.. It's fun to be with someone I used to dance with to dance =)

Jenny & Me.. I'm all sweaty.. Hair sticking all over =C
Jenny & her longtime-steady boyfriend, Sou Yee *hope I didn't spell it wrong*
Anyhow.. Darling.. Let's go partay again after our exam k^^?

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