Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The previous post had been removed..

& the reason is... Well, after some sleep, I feel a lil better & when I read the post.. It makes myself hrmm cringe or something inside.. My brain is still numb from all the sleep.. Lols..

But anyhow, one thing remain the same.. She used to be my friend & that's it.. No more.. No more.. Not gonna take anymore of all this bullshits.. She can go do whatever she likes.. & just get as far as she can from my life..

The mid-sem test for micro *done*, marketing *done*.. Major assignments coming up next.. TV Studies *which I planned to use either Charmed or Sex & The City or Desperate Housewife or something else*, Communication Studies *the question is to do question 1 or question 2*, Marketing & Microeconomics *no idea what these 2 unit want for my assignment =P*

I guess my family's financial condition had just worsen.. Brother ain't that happy over in Australia with his own prob *hugs*.. I can't really say much about it but all I know is that I should work hard on whatever I'm doing now & that's all I can do.. This year ain't exactly the best year for my family I guess..

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