Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Before I forget, I would like to wish everybody a belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year =)

Anyhow I just uploaded some random but freaking old pictures stolen from other people so just have a look. *Yesh & that means you got to scroll down after this post & not click the cross at the side of your screen but only do it if you're interested* I was planning to blog more but I was really busy & not-in-the-mood to blog recently till honey made me do it so here I'm doing it when I'm feeling freaking tired.

The reason I had been so busy lately? Summer school had just started & the due date for the first assignment is coming up. My aunt & her family had flew in from Hong Kong with my grandparents, tagging my cute lil' just-turned-2-today cousin baby sister.

Happy Birthday Gabriella! You're already clever enough for now so I'll wish you hrmm wish that your hope come true, whatever wish you made before you blew your birthday candles just now. I seriously had no idea what on earth would a 2 years old wish for when she had everything she want.

Besides that, I went out with a lot of people that I had long neglected, attended gatherings, house party sessions, went to new places, had a movie-run, singing lots of K alone *this doesn't sounds attractive but its just what I need* Actually I had been kinda down lately, down might not be the word, confused, stressed-out, lonely, emotional, etc. seems more like the word. A big bowl of mixed-up emotions *yesh something like a bowl of rojak =P* Its not that I'm running away from the problems or what, but I did tried to calm myself down, gave myself some thinking space, what can be done was done, what can be said was said, what can be solve was solved and what was left was something only time can show. So for now, I'm busy babysitting my baby sister most of the nights.

Oh & if you wonder how I spend my Christmas, oh-ho-ho-ho, I spend it, well, watching tv while a few friends played chess around me, went for Connaught's pasar malam & ended up at JJ Bar which isn't a bar but a family cafe where little kids celebrated their birthday & you can sing for hours if you buy a cup of drink & places where they serve funny snacks call Sunflower & Golden Pocket with some friends, me sitting there while they sing their way out. Haha. Man, they could sing. Well, that's my Christmas & if you wonder what's my plan for New Year's Eve, I can tell you. I don't know! I guess it will be another dull one, don't expect something happening from me. I tried to club once but I wasn't in the mood for it, I didn't know why so I ended up sitting in a corner with my cup of drink for the whole night.


I feel lonely. Is that normal? I have my family & friends surrounding me but still yet, I crave for another kind of companionship. I want someone who can understand me & talk to me about my problems. I found it frustrating when I try to tell someone about my problems & when they don't understand all they tell me is that "I understand, I understand"

Loves =)

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