Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random pictures stolen from..

Like I mentioned way before, my camera's memory card went missing hence I wasn't able to take any pictures recently because my phone was stolen way back too. Anyhow I got a new phone now which I love lots, a Christmas present from my parents. Samsung F480 in pink =) I know its already considered as an outdated model & isn't that special compare to other touch screen phones but still, this particular model with its pink colour phone caught my sight & I fell in love with it & I'm loving it more & more.

Anyway I manage to visit a few blogs of people I had been going out with recently *mind you, there's a lot of people that I went out with but sadly they don't blog or upload much pictures in their facebook either* & still I could find a few random pieces floating here & there. I'm still waiting for some of the pictures from other friends' camera so for now, here's some recent shot =)

Be ready to see my new gained-weight-look. I guess all the holiday & eating & sleeping did their job right & I gain weight!

Me & Steph over at MOS. If you know both she & me & had read her blog, I can tell you what I went through wasn't a near-death experience but mentally, its quite right. I'm traumatized & even when I drive now, sometimes its still a little frightening when the scenario becoming similar to that night. Guess time will cure it =)
Steph, Jacklyn & Me. Oh, on another notion, I was dressed for comfy that day. Seriously, I'm still sore at some parts due to injuries from the crash but it was my oh-so-close Abel's birthday & he made sure I wouldn't miss it after all we went through this year but I'm seriously getting tired & bored of clubs, especially MOS!
The world, a small place. Was feeling moody the other day, decided to head over to The Bank *Ken's place* when my friend suddenly tell me that he still got to pick up some of his just-know-friends and end up, they are friends of mine too. Me, Angel & Jessica. All tipsy & red.
I feel like an apple or tomato or something that sort but only in human form.
Group picture of almost everyone but almost everyone is a stranger to me. Vicky, Carl, Thailand & others came later & we were then celebrating Carl's birthday!
Amelia babe 19th birthday!!
Amelia, Christopher & Me over at Zen for dinner!
Later on while heading over to Republic!
Me, Eileen & Amelia!
Another shot again!
Group picture for the night! Can't wait to meet up with you again babe!

P.s. I'm sorry if I offended anyone of you by "stealing" pictures from your blog. Lol. I'm sure you don't mind. Haha.

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