Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas's just round the corner!

Before I headed off to Phuket, I did this! Its my first time doing it so it might look horrible to you but its definitely something I'll do again next year =) I went off to Uncle Hing's shop & bought a Christmas tree & decorations for it! Anyhow its a lil confusing for me at the beginning because when I opened up the box that contain was supposed to contain the tree I found just two pieces of sticks. Gotta twist & pull the twigs & leaves out of it to form the shape of the tree. Ahh. I know I'm dumb & inexperience. It take me freaking long to figure the right way to do it!

In a movie I once watch, a girl commented that Christmas trees must not be those specials ones with lots of creative juice pump into it so that it look like states-of-arts-design but simple one which can gives out the feeling of happiness & blessing is way more than enough. I agree =)

My Christmas tree after much work of twisting & pulling.
And the final product. TaaDaa! Anyhow I'm still looking for a nice angel decor. Can't find one that I really like. Didn't know why I'm obsessed with finding an angel for my tree, but it feels incomplete without an angel on it. Anyhow the base of the tree still seems weird so I'm planning to get some cotton & gift box to fill it up.

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