Monday, December 22, 2008

Overslept again.

I'm still not used to summer school. Anyhow I'll make it to the tutorial all the same. But I was just wondering, maybe its not the timing thing that make me overslept but its all because of the boredom this unit gives out, account *roll eyes*. Yes, account sucks & I think those close to me must have probably get tired of me saying it over & over again.

I had lots to say but the time is ticking, gotta run for class soon if I'm to grab a place. Don't wanna stay for the next class. Anyhow met up with Tommy finally during the gathering, now I'm waiting for Yee Yin to be back. I had too much thing pumped up inside me, reaching its limit causing occasionally emotional-wise-breakdown.

Christmas is coming.

It is supposed to be a cheerful one, giving out vibes of blessed-be-feelings.


All I can feel, is like the Christmas tree I decorated.

White Christmas. It feels peaceful but at the same time, it is filled with a touch of loneliness.


Happy Belated Birthday to Billy =) Hope you like the cake although I know its too sweet =X

And to my darling Kay, stop consuming even a lil bit of tea or coffee or whatever that will keeps you awake. & please don't miss your sleeping time & you'll end up staying awake whole night! Its already troubling enough since you're in UK & its expensive to call you to keep you company the whole night talking!

And off to account.

Once more.

Account sucks!

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