Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Left 4 Dead.

A yamcha session turn out to be a gaming session, me being stuck at T-Bun now, blogging *that's obvious*.

Okay. I stop going to CC for quite sometime, stop gaming for a freaking long time & today, it turns out, I get to play a new killing game *new for me anyways*. The freaking human versus zombie *which reminds me of Resident Evil* game, Left 4 Dead.

Obviously, its fun to shoot non-stop with the machine gun *or whatever you call it* but it starts getting frustrating to downright disgusting when tons & tons of zombies keep coming up to you & you didn't even know where to start shooting & your machine gun is running out of amno & you got to use your secondary weapon which holds on 15 bullets & reloads freaking slow. Hrmm. And then there's the part when I'm not playing on the human side but the zombie side. I was downright disgusted with me myself and took off my headphone because the sound is getting unbearable and the sight when I die, well, its fun if you hate zombies a lot. But playing the Tank or the thing that throw stones & keep clawing or pushing or biting the human down was way fun. And that's the only zombie which I manage to use & at least hit some person & stay alive. Nice game to release stress anyway. Haha.

I finally got the first & second book for the movie called "Twilight", the first book is named of course, Twilight & the second named New Moon if I'm not wrong. It is way much more nicer & interesting compared to the film. Oh well, when had a film made based on a book had been nicer then the book itself? Sin City is an exception =) Anyhow the third & fourth book is out of stock in 5 book stores I went to this week & its getting frustrating because I'm imagining what the next book is all about most of the time. Yeap, I finished reading the first book in one day & catch only like a few hours of sleep before I continue to the next one. I'm addicted & glued to a book once I get started. Can't wait for the stocks to arrive. I really need some release from all the emotional things I'm going through.

And I realised I used the word "frustrating" quite often these days. I guess I'm getting frustrated more & more easier.

Loves =)

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