Saturday, December 6, 2008

Of Phuket & Singapore.

Finally back from Phuket & Singapore. The trip was awesome. Like I mentioned previously, my dad took me & my mom on a cruise trip which stops at both these places, Phuket Island, Thailand & Singapore. Time on the cruise was mostly spend on the deck sun-bathing *I'm turning tan which irritates my parents lots*, swimming, absorbing the sun & the calming ocean breeze. Other time is spend on eating *the offer lots of food, 6 meals per day but the best is the western cuising offer by Four Season & trying my luck on the slot machine & roulette table =) Dad & I were like screaming for our lucky numbers. Lol. Other days were spend on both Phuket & Singapore.

Phuket changed lots since my last visit which was the time before the tsunami hit. It looks even nicer now. Way better than before. The food there is still awesome, I love Thai food =P & their cocktails. If you ever go there, remember to try out their mix-fruit-blend which is freshly squeeze tropical fruits juices blend together *you can choose the alcohol-free ones if you are not a fan of alcohol* Went on a round-the-island trip on one of their taxis which is diff from those over in Malaysia. Oh, another must-do over in Phuket is their massage. For those who like to endure in the painful yet relaxing one, go for the traditional Thai massage but for girls, I highly recommend their oil massage which comes in Tangarine, Conunut & Cream flavour. I chose the Tangarine one, which smells refreshing & sweet. Headed to shop over at Patong Beach after that. Bought lots of stuff, a dangling navel ring, a few summer-flowery dresses, flops & bikini! They have much wider variation in bikinis & much cheaper compare to KL. My dad refused to give me any advice during the bikini part because he doesn't really like it or should say, he doesn't really like it when I wear it. Anyhow, I still bought it =) By the way, if you are a fan of pirated/fake stuff, I guess Thailand will be like a heaven to you. Too bad, I'm not interested. Like what my dad say, either you use an original one or if you can't effort to use an ori one, just DON'T use! Way to tempting to be ignored. Their McFlurry taste better than the one over here too. Headed over to the beach to sunbath again!

Next stop, Singapore!

I still don't get why Malaysians love to shop over in Singapore & some people start bragging on how they shop-till-they-drop over in Singapore. Yes, I do agree that the branded stuffs over there are cheaper compare to KL, but other than that, I found everything is basically the same. The price of Manga & Zara's product over there are the same as KL so is most other brands & if you are thinking that Singapore have lots of brand which KL doesn't have, I guess you're wrong. It's basically the same! Anyhow someone special met me up over there & brought me for dessert. Yes, I was craving for some =X Went shopping after that, ended up I found this mall which is filled with local brands *which feels like Sungai Wang for unknown reason* & manage to buy a dress which is kinda cute I guess ==" Headed over to Singapore Flyer next! Awesome view which took us 38 minutes or something for a whole round. Its dissappointing in the part where you got to share your sit or coach or whatever you call it with other people because each coach can hold up to 2X people. I prefer those small cozy one which max hold 4 people. Way more romantic. Don't you agree *wink*? Lol.

The whole family was way tired after that. I was awake since 6 a.m. & my parent decided to skip the way back out of the cruise & bought air tickets back to KL. Anyhow, my dad kinda regretted buying Air Asia tickets because the plane got delayed & we reach home at 4 a.m. I felt dead at that time, being awake for 22 hours straight but taking the plane is still much faster compare to the cruise.
Some shots from the cruise deck. Spend most of my time over here. Refreshing ocean breeze & awesome sun-rays during day time & starry starry night with cooling breeze at night.
Heading to Phuket on smaller boat!
Windy windy!
Charming cruise people. Ended up I did know a few of them who's from Phillipines.
Serious, the picture on the left is just a shot of the ocean. It looks so tempting. I miss my island-days. Awh. Can't wait for the next trip to any islands. I'm addicted to beaches & sea for your info =)
Shots of Patong Beach from the boat. Silly picture below. Didn't know why I decided to do the thumbs-up thingy. Lol.
Since the tsunami incident, you can see all these boards throughout the street of Patong. Tsunami evacuation route. Charming =) It never hurts to have some safety route but of course, I hope that all this natural disasters will take a break for now.
Shots from the "taxi" that I was riding. You can see that their streets is way more cleaner than ours in KL =C
Me & the taxi driver & the pink taxi!
The famous Patong Beach that stretch damn freaking long.
Next stop, Singapore!
This is what my darling took me to eat. Delicious chocolate crepes with nutty ice-cream & caramel. The strawberry tea taste a lil bit weird though, I prefer thoe over at Gilly Cafe. Anyway this place is nice, they offer nice desserts & cakes. Check it out if you're going to Singapore soon. Located near Orchard Road, name Canele.
Orchard Road.
Singapore Flyer.
Shots of Singapore night-view from the flyer.
Thanks dad & mom for the trip =)
And finally, thanks darling for everything. Loves^_^!

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