Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It hadn't been a good day. I woke up today, late, & the next thing I know, my phone went off in this familiar ringtone meant for someone who wasn't supposed to be here. San called, & well, she's back from UK but with very bad news. Her dad passed away Sunday afternoon & that hit me as well. I know this is called life & people comes & goes, but I never expected it to be so sudden & never expected it so soon that it will be anyone of us parents. Andrew's was an exception case but not another one. I had some good memories with her day, all the dinner & the one drinking session we had in a bar over at Damansara. Still, it just reminds me of how fragile life could be & to everybody out there, please, take a deep breath & think about it. I'm glad she's still breathing & walking & it takes a lot of strength to do just that. Stay strong my girl, no matter how hard it takes, remember there are many of us out there who still care for you. No matter how hard life turns out to be, we still have to live on & if we are living it on, might as well get the most out of it. Take all the time you need to grief & just remember the happy memories that you had with him & all the lessons he taught you in life. It was a good 20 years. It makes you who you are today.

On Sunday, which was supposed to be a study day, K, Brian, Andrew & me ended up studying for a few chaps before we decided to go all-banana-leaf-rice over at USJ. Its really good & it reminds me of the other good ones I had over in PJ. These days, most of my food revolves around Nasi Kandar, Nasi Briyani, Chapatti, Tosei, Roti, etc. & I tell you, its really awesome. This is definitely not the food I'll find in my menu when I'm over at Melbourne. Korean, Japanese, Italian, yes. Malaysia's? Definite nope. Provided I can cook everything up myself, which is a no. I can cook & bake, but I just had to admit my skills are not up to the locals yet. We were too full to continue studying so we decided for a round of dota before the next studying session & well, one things leads to another & we ended up at Republic for a few card game, a cup of Baileys & bottles of Heineken for everyone & of course, the long-awaited Man-U vs Liverpool game. The game ended with Liverpool 2 Man-U 0! Way to go Liverpool. I'm sorry for the Man-U fans out there, I'm brought up as an Arsenal fan due to brother's influence & I'm happy to see Man-U lose. Then we ended up studying till late which leads to dota again over @ FTZ. Overall, its a pretty good day.

These days I had lots of issues going on but at this blissful moment, I can't seem to be able to concentrate on one so well, I'll just leave it out & write about it when it comes into my mind again. Sending my care to everyone out there.

San, be strong girl. While you're still in Malaysia, call me if you ever need anything. It's really hard going through all this, but in the end, you know you can make it & I know you will. They say pain makes you grow & this is definitely one of the lessons you had to learn. Each people might live a different life but they definitely go through the same pain to grow. I love you.

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