Friday, October 23, 2009

What is going to happen next?

Well, here I'm sitting @ Starbucks *yesh its definitely not my favourite place but its near & convenient & offer coffee* having a cup of Hazelnut Latte *I definitely prefer those I had in Hong Kong's Pan Pacific Coffee* & a sausage mayo. Why sausage mayo? All because of my darling Kay, who loves sausage mayo a lot & it reminded me of her eating it, well just had a short conversation with her & I still misses her lots. Had a long wicked day, trying to get some studies done but so far, I had only managed to cover the freshwater ecosystems in Malaysia & some short/essay questions. H2O's closing so well, next spot, Starbucks.

These few days had got my mind going round. First, I spent a night in Sunway, going back to the old way I used to do *minus the drinking part because its exam*, dota-ing till morning, yamcha sessions, McDonald sessions, etc. I really misses the life I used to had, carefree & chilling @ the same time but well, time's ticking by & I got to move on whether I love it. Or not. The morning or should said crack of dawn, ended up by seeing Tiong fallen into another drinking spell of his. All emotional & cracked up at the front porch of his house, listening to the same song over & over again, singing/shouting out loud, waking up the neighbours & their noisy pets. Me & Andrew just reach but Evonne was trying her best to get him cooled down & put him to bed which of course, he refused & ignored. The thing that really put a stop to Evonne's action was well, a single "You're not a guy like me" which she couldn't think of what to argue back. Maybe me & her is not a guy like him, but we had went over situations of heartbreak, how it felt to lose someone who you thought as your soulmate/perfect lover/the-one-that-you-thought-you-are-marrying-to or whatever you call it. It hurts so much that it numbs you after that, for a period of time anyway. It takes time & courage to stand up & move on once again & then you fell into the same cycle again & again till you met The One. But who's really The One? And how are we to know he/she The One when we meet them? And is there really someone out there for everyone to be his/her The One? Or be like Sook Lee, believing in Nickelback's lyrics of Gotta Be Somebody? Well, according to the population of the world which is way imbalance between boys & girls, maybe some are just meant to be gay & les in order for everybody to have their own The One. What really happen next actually? Or maybe there's no next but you just live on with your life doesn't knowing what next. A little heavy thinking for me, well, but for now, its back to my Environmental Science before I fail & of course, I definitely know what will happen next if I fail.

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