Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just had a great Mid-Autumn Festival with the family. Time passes by really fast, it had been around 6 years since my brother first left for Melbourne & its 6 years of spending this festival without his presence. This year there's a new addition, which is my new sister in law, Michelle! Holiday is ending soon, I want more of it!! I barely get to call this a holiday because I was busy almost everyday for the wedding! Unfair! Hmph! Everybody get to go on trips & rest but I couldn't!! Uni starting on Monday!! Grrr..

And after running through all the pictures I had, excluding the ones in my friend's camera, I realize its accumulating in a scary way. Time to upload it in facebook & over here! Tried uploading in facebook but the message "Uploading Failed" keeps showing up, decided to do it tomorrow. Whereas for here, well, let's see how many is lining up. Hoping to finish blogging all these below before I get more pictures from honey's camera & boy's camera & from the photographer =P


#1: Melbourne pictures taking during the winter break. I know its very long ago but its really a little too much. Forgive me.
#2: Quattro night out with my sweet stuffs & buddies on the 2nd of Sept if I'm not wrong =P
#3: A lil' small gathering @ Gilly Cafe before San left for UK! *which reminds me theres some pictures still with her if I'm not wrong*
#4: Gillian's birthday 11/9 a.k.a. 911 @ Telawi Street Bistro!#5: The Big Day! This is another scary one. Haven't got all the pictures yet anyway =P

#6: Evonne's 21st birthday @ MOS!#7: Tonight's celebration!!! Mooncake festival!!! Wheee!!! Such a round moon. Thanks God the cloud cleared up for around half an hour. At least we get to enjoy a clear view for half an hour =P

Stick around for more =P That's for tonight anyway. *Yawn* Time for my beauty sleep. Dark circles & eye bag is becoming a major problem for me. Gosh! Oh! Sook Lee, if you are reading this, don't feel like you are being lied to k? I didn't say anything about uploading all the pictures one shot =P This is what I meant. LOL! Feel a little being lied to? Sorry to keep your expectations up larh =P


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