Sunday, October 18, 2009

San's "farewell" & Gillian's birthday.

Decided its major time to start blogging back. Might as well delete my blog if I continue to neglect it the way I do. Lol. Uploaded some pictures taken more recent, around a month back. As usual, in the month of September & October, a part of my friends will all start flying back towards Europe, indicating the end of the summer. For San, well, this is her first time flying over there & as usual, when you are in a serious relationship, it makes going away even more unbearable. A heartbreaking scene. Anyway, be brave my dear. I know you're still trying to cope with your life over there now. well it takes time, but yes, the truth is, you will indeed survive =)

So before she left, a few of us decided to have a small gathering over at our favourite place, Gilly Cafe. Not exactly her farewell party, but well, its still meant for her. Just doing the usual of eating, drinking, chilling, playing with cards & mahjong. Talking of mahjong, hand's getting itchy. Lol.

The new addition to UK.
A kiss for her to make sure she don't forget this friend of hers!
Two in UK & the other one *obviously me* is left in KL. Dah emo betul ni.
My high school mates. Anyway I left early because.....

Well left early to Telawi Street Bistro @ Bangsar. Nope, don't think me the wrong way, didn't ditch a friend just for a cup of drink. The reason, oh well, is because..
...of this? Nope, its something much more than wine *although wine's my life. No wine = no life for me*
This is the reason why. Its the 20th birthday for my dear. Introducing Gillian Ng Choi Yen. Well, she had been introduced for quite a few times, no harm doing it again. One of the best girlfriends I have, one that I will never want to lose.
And its also the belated birthday for Christopher *her boyfriend* too. Their birthday is only a few days apart =P
Kisses is a must for her. Words can't describe how I feel towards her.
And a friend who had seen me through one of the few darkest period of my life & believing in me even when I stop believing in myself.

♥ Me & the birthday girl ♥
♥ xoxoxo ♥
Opt for Hoegaarden since Chris is feeling unwell & decided not to go for a bottle of wine. The house wine they provide over there is kinda sucky. Both Chris & Gillian are usual Guinness drinker, well, for unknown reason, white beer repels them but they decided to take a sip of mine to understand why would I order a pint all to myself!
Him taking a sip.
Her taking a sip.
And well, they ended up loving it much! Just like me ♥
A little surprise for them ♥
Happy Birthday Gill & Chris!!! Both of you are now in the 2-x- group.
♥ 3 of us ♥
Make a wish dear & may your wish come true
Ending this post by telling you how much I ♥ you.

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