Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things ain't going the right direction.

Oh well, the title can practically says I'm not having a good time. Things ain't going the right direction, or at least, not towards the direction that I want it to go. Exam's approaching so everything will be put aside for now but like always, speaking is always easier than doing in in reality. Two very important person had left last week, one of my besties, not sure when she will be coming back this time but I believe, no matter how long it takes for us to meet each other again, the memories we had will always be in our mind & heart. Another one had left to pursue his career, his dream. Wondering how you are doing over there, wondering is everything is going on well for you, praying with all my heart, that you will one day find what you are looking for. The day you did it will be the day I see your name, your face, in where I will be. For now, I know its only Malaysia but I believe in you. All of us do.

Had been sick for most of the week, losing my sense of smell completely for a few days, everything became tasteless & seems bleak to me. Whammed my hand on the door this morning, swollen for now. Leg got bitten by some insects, whole thigh now infected. The medicine is not helping much, but at least, it puts me to sleep. The ultimate torture will be losing my sleep, which was what happened a month back.

Starting from tomorrow, everything will be put aside. Exam is approaching & that's what that matters for now. This is not the time to disappoint those I promised & myself. Its time to study. I can start feeling the stress again.

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