Sunday, October 25, 2009


I definitely have a lots of unanswered questions these days. Well, our of the few multiple choices below, one might be the answer to my unanswered question, or at least, to the question that is bothering me right now, this second!

A. This is the brand-new-me
B. This is just another stage of life
C. Like the old saying goes, this is called life-and-growing-up *in other words I'm getting old huh*
D. I'm being a freak & is now officially what people called as "lifeless"

Well, so which one its gonna be? Or is there more choices. I bet there probably is but this is all I can think off with my phone ringing since like 12 till now? I need sleep & I'm not getting any. Surprise? Yeah I'm surprise myself! Well the question is just a little something I'm going on through now. Long explanation, lazy to do so now but I'm sure for those who are undergoing what I'm going through now will get what this few choices/answers is about.

Not in a high right now. To make it worst, my emotional statistics is currently way-down. Brother & sis-in-law just left back to Melbourne today due to some emergency. They are not even supposed to be leaving till my birthday! The only pro? I get to have an early birthday present & a big red packet. I rather have them back. Cried over brunch today, cried at the airport today, cried when I was alone at home just now. Not even in the mood for my studies with my first paper next Friday. I think someone should probably take me out & shoot me.

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