Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PsP revived!

Managed to do some groceries shopping today & revive my PsP back to life. Getting tired of PC games & since I'm too poor to have a PS3 or XBox or Wii, PsP will just have to do for now but when I switched it on, I realize all my previous games & data saved was gone, thanks to the last person I borrowed my PsP too. You know who you are kiddo but I know myself well enough that I'll never have the heard to be mad at you (''.)

Playing some sort of RPG game now with cute graphics & a so-so storyline. Brave Story aka Traveller or something. Can't really remember the name. Its still better than Megaman larh Ken!! Wait till you're back & I'll stuff the Megaman game on your face. Let's see how long you would be able to last with it. Uh uh!

Tonight's gonna be the night I'll try to sleep a little earlier instead of the usual 5 something in the morning. When had sleeping became such a difficulty for me eh? I miss the time when I can drop on the bed any time & wander off straight to my oh-so-sweet-dream-land. Guess I'm too troubled these days. Wish me luck on sleeping early. I'm not bringing my phone/laptop/PsP/book with me tonight to bed. They are all going to be sitting right on top this table!

And oh... I'm getting back on track with movies these days. Been going to the cinema a lot these days compared to the first 3 quarter of the year where my visits to cinema can be counted in all 10 fingers but still.. I want to watch New Moon & Ninja Assassin! Everybody's either away or having exams or had watch it anyway. Back to my old routine of supporting pirated DvDs maybe =P???

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