Saturday, February 13, 2010

Greetings from Hong Kong♥

One of the most important season greeting to all the people out there:

♥ Happy Chinese New Year ♥ Gong Xi Fa Cai ♥

Actually I'm in a rush to pick up my cousins so I'll just keep the greetings short eh? May all you people wishes come true! I'm back to Hong Kong for the CNY & the weather is grey & chilly. But the people of Hong Kong never fail to make this festive season to be a bright success. And for me? I'm just happy that they decided to open up all shops until 12 a.m. last night & 1 a.m. tonight! Woots! But I had managed to spend a frigging lum sum of 4k last night in a single day on my shopping & food & drinks etc. There goes all my savings & money I work for during the summer. So I can't wait for my ang paos aka red packets tonight! I'll just keep it short shall I? Can't wait to be back in KL too ♥
Greetings from the dim sums & polo buns in Hong Kong!
And of course me & my alcohol lover ♥ *I tell you, drinking in Hong Kong is one of the cheapest thing to do! Da yum! Hoegaarden is cheap.. Blue Girl aka my favorite Hong Kong beer is even cheaper!*

To those who are driving back to hometown, drive safe. To those who are with the family, never fail to show them your love & care. To those who couldn't be with theirs, take the initiative & pick up the phone/go online & talk with them. To those who are already getting the CNY party started, go GAMBLE & DRINK you way like a true Chinese!

♥ Much loves♥ Happy CNY ♥ Hugs&Kisses ♥

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