Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little something for two of you ♥

My trip to Kota Kinabalu this time was not as long as I would had like it to be because I had to fly back to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year but nevertheless, this trip had been a meaningful one, a memorable one because the two special lovelies I had over there. Maybe this trip would not had meet the definition of "fun" & "memorable" for many people out there with its lack of activities but when I say its meaningful & memorable, I truly mean it. The time I get to spend with Charlotte & Soo, the heart2heart conversation I get to had, the hug & shoulder they offer to me, the trust & care they put in me is enough to engrave this trip lifelong in both my mind & heart.

This is a little gift for the two of you, Charlotte Wong & Soo Siaw Vun. It does not worth a single buck but a little something from my heart to the two of you ♥ *click on the picture to enlarge it to read the words*
♥ Charlotte dear ♥
♥ Honey Soo ♥
♥ Charlotte ♥ Soo ♥ Cristine ♥
And this is the last place I went to in Kota Kinabalu before I left for the airport, the Sacred Heart Cathedral. I did a little prayer & said my thanks to God for I'm feeling blessed, for having meet all of you in my life & for everything I had. And in there, I made a wish too. And I choose to have faith.
And in the airport & plane, I saw a miracle. Maybe its a sign. Or maybe its just nothing. But it means a lot to me.

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