Friday, February 5, 2010

Xmas Eve @ Bambo9♥

This shows how inefficient I can be. A Christmas Eve post when its going to be Chinese New Year soon but I have even much much older pictures compare to this & I'm going to talk about it someday. Well, not much plan for Christmas, was planning to sleep it away since I had work on that day & was really exhausted with work. You guys must be thinking "What is there to be tired about when all you do is sit in a comfortable air-conditioned room from 9 - 6??" Oh well, its not the physical tired but the mentally exhaustion too from facing the computer for overrated hours! Was on my bed when this dear of mine called & its someone I never say NO to. One friend who love me a lil' too much, a friend who will cry for me when I'm the unhappy one & be there for me, showering me with unlimited love & care whenever I fell. And this time, its my turn to do the same for her. For someone who had just got off a frigging emotional rollercoaster, she's a very strong one! Applause for my dear♥ *claps..cheers..* So Bambo9 @ TTDI it is!

All the pictures are courtesy of my dear's camera so oh well, very very low quality with very chao tut & messed up look of mine. Seriously, I was in pajamas & on the verge of falling asleep so all I did was changed & headed out. Nothing was done to my messed up hair/exhausted face. But I brought my soul & body along.. So oh well!!

I had no idea where I was looking @ that time weih!
Gillian ♥ Cristine ♥ Song
I make a wish on Xmas. Will it come true eh?
And then I decided to go cuckoo to put a smile on my loved one's face.
But the best medicine would be a big kiss & a big hug♥

A red wine session with you after the Bambo9 session. Heart2heart talks with the wine & a shoulder to lean on when I desperately needed one makes this Xmas Eve perfect.

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