Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Greetings from KK, Sabah ♥

Woots! This will be my 5th time to Kota Kinabalu in like 2 years+ duration! And the air still smell so sweet, the ocean still so alluring, the environment still so lovely & with every breath I take, it just makes my heart go pumping faster! Nope, I'm not exaggerating, I'm seriously in ♥ with this place & even my KK friends are wondering when I'll just buy a house & move over for good *too bad, I don't have the $$ to do it even though I wanted it much* or just find a husband over here & get married *& that's not going to happen anyway* Anyway am quite busy for the 1st & 2nd night here due to Charlotte Wong who insisted on drinking *I think getting drunk on the 1st night I'm here is becoming a habit/culture/pattern/etc.*. Been drinking for 2 nights in a row now & sent Charlotte off to her trip *thanks God, break from drinking* & will continue the drinking when she's back on the 6th woots! Will be doing the usual, eating, hanging out, sleeping, waste hours doing nothing beside the sea for these few days..

Beside the attraction [the ocean, the beach, the drinks] that KK had to offer me, the most important reason for me to be here would be these two!

My honey ♥
And my dear ♥
And these time, I brought no pressies over beside my heart, my brain, my mouth & my ear. That should be more than enough right babes♥?

And no worries, I'm still missing my KL peeps! Can't wait for CNY to get the gambling & drinking rolling.


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