Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year & oh, my declaration of love #1.

I guess its a little late for New Year greetings I guess but I'm sure I had sent off a few greeting messages here & there but to those I didn't,
I wish all of you a very Happy New Year & may this new year be filled with more joys & blessings compared to the previous.

Lots of thoughts went through my mind during New Year & I'm not ready to blog about it yet. I still can't put my thoughts into words *I did try to write about it earlier on but I deleted all of it cause it just seems to sound wrong*. I know quite a few close friends had been wondering what happen to me & what's with all that sad face moping around at Blanc during New Year. I was practically just sitting there, watching on of the few dramas going around me & absorbed in my own thoughts which manage to produce a constant-sad-looking-face. All I can say was a lot of thoughts manage to cross my mind at that particular night & I was too busy thinking. Anyway I got to say Ken did a good job that night & get Blanc & its people rolling all over.

Back to my declaration of love no.1 to my honey =)

My official lesbian partner, Soo Siaw Vun.

Well, I'm thinking of blogging my story of me & her over here. It all started when I was first at Sunway College last year, doing my Australia Matriculation at that time. The first thing about her that attracted my attention was her maggi-curl-hair *which I'm sorry to say because that hair makes her look like those 30 year old lady*. Well, she ended up having some of her class similar to mine but the one that draw us together would be Chemistry. We were mutual friends at that time & she's always giving out happy-vibes to those around her but we never hang out together. She's way too cheerful. Lol. Till one day, she came to me & pour some of her private problems to me which she was conflicting over. At that time, I was wondering to myself, why is this strange girl pouring out her deepest secrets to me who is practically a stranger? At that time, I just listen. It was during Chemistry. Each day during Chemistry, she will tell me what she was conflicting over & I just listen but slowly, me myself unaware of it, I was giving her advice, which means a two-way communication now happens. By the time I realise it, well, I can say I'm really attracted towards her, or being attracted by her & I'm always looking forward to our pre-Chemistry "hanging-out" session. Well that's the first. Story to be continued..

All I can say is, our friendship starts with this little irrelevance thing. She's the sweetest person I have known, giving out so much, never expect to be given back anything in return & I was just taking & taking without noticing when one day, I was touched by her sincerity & her innocence.

She became part of my life & of my family's too. I did many things that was out-of-her-league which wasn't good, but she accepted it still, staying true as my friends despite of all that had happen. We went through quite a lot, especially the the beginning of this year. At one point, I was really hurt & sad because of her, but we manage to make it through & our relationship is still going strong.

I love you with all my heart, honey.

I really do.

No matter what happen, I just want you to know I'm always here even at times I have doubt, you clear it out for me with your innocence.

Thanks for letting me be your friend, be your sister, be someone close to you.

I can't wait to get over to KK in one & a half month time.

Loves =)

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siawvun said...

kakakaka, you wont know how how much happy n touch I am feeling now.. I am flying on the sky now=)
hohooho...honestly , I Love you too my dearrrrrr... I will be here anytime for you if u need me..You know, I can feel you love me so much... miss you so much here..Feb! yeah! it is coming soon !! muackssssss