Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 2 ♥ Valentine's Day ♥ Day 3 & 4.

A little something on the first day of my trip... This is a picture taken while I was on the KLIA Transit. I was bored listening to songs in my i-Pod so I decided to snap a little. Anyhow I'm not posting up all the pictures during my trip, there's more than 400 hundred pictures so I'm choosing a few random ones *but its still a lot*

The ride was fast & comfy, takes only about 25 minutes to KLIA *car ride takes around 45 minutes from my place*
The plane that I was going to board. At that moment, I can't wait to be at KK. The flight took me around 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Day 2 ♥ Valentine's Day ♥

Slept at around 6 a.m. the day before so when we woke up, we were really tired. It was Valentine's Day & also the day Carson is leaving back to Taiwan for his studies. Decided to send him off in the airport with Siaw Vun so while waiting for the time, we headed over to Damai. Wanted to try out Rock Cafe but it wasn't open yet so we ended up in Upperstar. KK youngsters are seriously in love with this cafe but I found it so-so. Aiks. Honey & me were both feeling so tired that I decided that I needed a hairwash and some massage so headed to a saloon nearby.

Honey with my shades

Sended Carson off. Valentine's Day was supposed to be spend with Charlotte dear & Siaw Vun honey but something came up so only me & honey went to dinner. Went to Tuscani's located in Waterfront. Tuscani's one of my favourite restautant, a must-go everytime I'm in KK because of its yummy-licious tempura fried cheese serve with raspberry jam & mango syrup. Too bad, its Valentine's Day & they are doing this package thing for couple, Rm200 per couple, each people with a choice of its own main course with a buffet for appetizer, soup & dessert. While waiting for our food, we did the same old thing..

A really random shot & is ♥-ing it for unknown reasons.
Me & my getting-chubbier-day-by-day face!
Honey, pretty as ever
Honey's main course, Seafood Marinara with really huge tiger prawns.
Mine, as usual, beef, beef & beef! Charboiled steak served with mashed potato base.
Later on, Charlotte & Ian came over & join us =) The mango lassi drink sucks. Don't ever try it! It taste like they blend olive oil or some kind of oil in it with the mango!
Ian & me. And he got me a lil' something..
My lone-white-rose! I ♥ white flowers! That kinda summerize my day.

Day 3

As usual, slept very late the night before, around 3 something. Honey was really tired that she decided that she'll join us later & take a nap first. Charlotte came over to fetch me with Stella, headed over to Atmosphere, my favourite place *beside the ocean* in KK. Atmosphere is located at the 18th floor on the tallest building over at KK, a restaurant that spins one round every an hour or so, overlooking the whole city & the ocean. Only half of it is a restaurant, the other half is a lounge, well, where people chill
The brunch of the day, fish fillet cooked in 3 ways to your preference. I forget what I ordered, some sort of pasta if I was not wrong.
The dessert ♥ It taste similar to creme brule + napolean. Puff skins with cream

Next stop, Tanjung Lipat where we decided to play with kites! Yeap, the flying ones! Called honey but she was dead-sleeping, K.O.!

My favourite, the sea & its beach!
Charlotte & Stella. I found out that Charlotte is kinda afraid of the sea for unknown reasons but she's going to overcome this phobia really soon..
After a few minutes, I think she can't stand the ocean so she stand on a rock instead!
Charlotte dear & me
See the kite? That's our kite & thats the highest we can get it to go. Kinda stuffy that day, insufficient wind. Anyhow the kite belongs to Ian & Charlotte was blaming Ian all the way, saying its his fault that the kite can't fly! Lolz!
A random shot taken by honey while we were at Pacific Hotel during the night. We found this orchid lying around & was fooling with it while waiting for Ian to come. Lolz.

♥ Day 4

Another late night. Was getting really tired with all the late nights dy. Headed over to KK Box located at Waterfront for karaoke sessions with Charlotte & Siaw Vun. Typical Malaysian-Chinese activities!
Remembered when I say Tuscani's located at Waterfront? This is how Waterfront looked like during the day. Its located right beside the ocean with a row of restaurants & bars.

Another shot ♥ Everytime I was in KK, I'll go over, order a drink & just practically do nothing the whole afternoon, just looking at the ocean.
Headed opposite to Warisan Square after karaoke sessions. Shopping time! End up spending lots of time over in Esprit *God knows why would I shop for Esprit products over in KK* The 3 of us bought lots of stuff, me & honey got matching bags for uni ♥ I got a new keychain for my car keys, t-shirts for classes, bag & Charlotte & Siaw Vun got more shirts, pants, bags & wallets. Our bill was around Rm900. I was shocked. Not exactly a big fan of Esprit myself. Oh and we got donuts before we left..
This is a really ugly shot! Honey & me with our midnight snacks! Donuts! Ian took this shot because he found it really funny the way both of us were eating it =="

Thats all for now. More coming up

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