Thursday, February 12, 2009

Of Zoo Negara & Telok Gong.

I had lots of post to posts such as the CNY ones, the Seri Suria Alumni, etc. but I decided this one has got to come first!

This is the much anticipated day because..

We were heading to the Zoo! You know, as in the place where animals are lock up in open spaces or cages & where children scream, run, point, throw stuffs at them*not an advisable move though*, etc. The only bad news for that day was Wei Hua's phone went swimming in the washing machine the previous night & he was unable to join us. Other than that, everything was really fine. Oh, and Brian & Michelle manage to wake up. Amazing =) They came over to my house to pick me up around 8 something in the morning, brought them to breakfast over at Fatty Corner. After makan makan, we are off to the Zoo =)

Zoo was a hell lot of fun. Well, maybe it was fun because we made fun out of it. Who you went with is of course important as well. We hit off pretty great. So end up the day was a blast. The last time I went Zoo was with a bunch of my friends when I was in Form 4. That was long long time ago. Left the zoo & Wei Hua decided to join us for lunch/tea so I brought them over to Gilly's Cafe. Went home, shower then drove to Subang to join the others for reunion dinner over at Telok Gong. Argh. Again, someone couldn't made it there. Amelia couldn't =C


What happen in the zoo was this..

The excited Brian with the map. He's the most excited among us, making bird & monkey noises, singing elephant songs, making an animal out of himself just like normal times. The map effing cost me Rm 2.00. Shouldn't map be free T_T?
The 3 of us.
- Me, Brian, Michelle -
Oh, pictures with words on it is pictures edited by Michelle & are from Brian's cam. I haven't got Brian's part of pictures yet so all I can do is steal from Michelle's blog =="
Its the Year of Ox a.k.a. mOoMoOo year.
Everybody say mmOOoOOOo~~~
The 2 of us pretending to be cows =) Brian say we had four horns when we were supposed to have only two. Anyhow, I still love the picture^^
After we visit the apes, we got tired *because it was our final destination & we had been walking for hours* & decided to take a rest. While resting, we were bored, so..
We start doing the so-called-camwhore-thing & we posed. Lolz.
Oh, some of you might find this face a new face or some might find it familiar. Had I introduced my new friend, Michelle? If I had not, meet Michelle. And I found out something, we could "click". Lolz. Looking forward to more happy days with you eh? Sorry for not being able to attend your birthday. Didn't know you before so didn't plan to leave after Valentine since I got no "valentine" here =C
Elephant -> Me -> Brian
I personally think that the elephant is cuter then Brian.
Me & Michelle. If you guys are friends with me in my facebook, you'll find that this picture is actually a group picture of all of us *including those who didn't went* Each lion has a name =D
During our first rest, Brian & Michelle start camwhoring lovey-dovey shots & this is what they get out of me.
The eehh-hrmmm "almighty" Brian.
Hrmm. Just a random shot.
I was waiting for Brian to tie his shoe laces *which was really long* when I decided to take a picture of him. I was actually focus on something else, which is..
His bright green oh-so-attractive Hawaiian style flowery boxer!
Finally, some shots of animals. Btw, I still had lots of animal pictures like the lion & tigers which I'll post another time. This is the taaa-daaaaa~ Animal Show or whatever its called =)
The patriotic parrot that raises our beloved country flag!
And he was being all lovely when he spell W-E-L-C-O-M-E for the audience!!
This slimmy dark fat balls can really jump.
And it can play one of my favourite sports too. The basketball!
And it SCORES!!!!
Look! It jumps!
And it claps for itself ==" Perasan betul but it was really chubby & cute!


Next stop, Telok Gong... We ordered lots of seafood and the must TODDY *I hope I never spell it wrong* but I prefer to call it conunut wine!

When we finish dinner, Michelle*another Michelle not the one above* took out a pair of dice & all the guys was concentrating on it. What's so interesting? Take a look!
One dice consists of actions such as lick, tickle, kiss, suck, etc. & another dice consists of body parts like ear, neck, boob, lip, etc. So you throw the dice & do what it told you to! Some shots of guy kissing. Wei Hua & Kenny both look like as if they enjoy it a lot eh?
And the nipple tickling ones!
What the guys are actually doing in the 2 pictures above is up for you guys to guess =D I didn't have the clear shot of it but from what I know, Michelle's camera have the picture & the video. Oh ho ho ho!

Anyway, I might not be blogging for around 2 weeks? I'm leaving for Kota Kinabalu, Sabah tomorrow. Yeap, its the fourth time in a year time but well, I'm still excited. Can't wait to be near the ocean, the fried cheese, the beach, etc. Of everything, I can't wait to see the people over there whom I miss a lot. Will blog if I feel like it.

If not..

Happy Holidays to me!


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