Thursday, February 19, 2009

KK again!

Fourth time vacation to KK since December 2007 & the feeling is still so good. This place is my dreamland *well, in some sort of way it is because of its location so close to the ocean*. Anyhow I'm too tired/busy/lazy to update & post up the 400 over pictures I have taken so far so here is just a little update. A really short one. Managed to create lots of memorable-memories with Siaw Vun, Charlotte, Stella & well of course, Ian =P Lol. But life's not perfect and there's still moments of "tension" & "stressness" *oh, I think Charlotte, Siaw Vun & me is using the word stress too much these days* but everything manage to turn up okay I guess.

A little peep on what I'm up to...

Taken when I was over in Pulau Manukan.

Anyhow, gotta run.

To my KL peeps: Don't worry, I'm definitely coming back! Stop sounding like I'm migrating over to KK or something & I miss you guys lots too!


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