Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The last few days & last night at BarSu ♥ Birthday wishes to my dear Charlotte ♥

Due to my laziness, I managed NOT TO charge my camera's battery after the day over at Manukan. Bringing a camera which had already ran out of battery means no pictures were taken. Sob sob (T_T) *regretting now* The next few days were spent on eating, yamcha-ing, shopping, hanging around *which is practically equals to doing nothing*. Managed to head over Charlotte's house one night for her younger brother's birthday & BarSu for the last night though =)

While shopping for a face cleanser, there were racks & racks of shades at the side of the department store over at City Mall so we decided to try it on.

Picture #1: Stella with shades
Picture #2: Me with shades
Picture #3: Honey with her lalat shades! Lols!

♥ Last night over at BarSu ♥

Am gonna head back to KL the next day, Charlotte on the day after & Ian following the day after her. Decided to check out BarSu which is located at Waterfront. Passed by it on Valentine's Day with a familiar face spinning for the night, DJ Misty a.k.a Jerryca *Ken's friend*. The decoration is a little similar to Blanc on Heritage Row, white-colour-themed decoration although BarSu is a little more classier compared to Blanc. Anyway BarSu is kinda famous over at KK *according to Charlotte* so thats the place we decided to go. Ian came over to pick me & Siaw Vun up first with Charlotte joining us later after her dinner. It was really empty when we arrived *cause it was effing early* so we decided to take pictures again *I managed to charge my camera for 30 mintues beforehand*

See all the empty seats behind us? It became really pack like around twelve? Typical clubbers =="
Me & honey complaint about this shot because it feels like 2 strangers taking pictures together.
A much better one but still we're not satisfied with Ian's skill so we decided to take ourself =)
Ah ha. You see? Its much more better.
The house wine that I drank & it taste terrible. Yuck! One of the few worst wines I had drank!
And I saw Kilkenny! The beer Daniel talked about but didn't managed to try it!
Me & Ian. My god. He's getting really thin & I'm getting really fat. Should donate some fats to him =P
And again!
So-called-sexy-shot of my honey
Then Charlotte arrived & we switched to Heineken ♥ after that. No more pics taken as it was party time ♥ Oh & we had lots of tequila shots =="

Charlotte dear.. Seriously, I'm running out of words to tell you. I had sent you really long sms-es, called you, gave you card, present, posted on your wall over in Facebook. But its still 11 p.m. over here in KL which means your birthday is not over yet. You're probably singing karaoke over in Melbourne now. WooHoo! I wish you had a great time over there & don't sing too much emo songs k? Sing happy ones^^! Whatever wish you made for your birthday, I wish that it'll come true & whatever you are planning to do, I'll give my full support to you ♥ For more private wishes & talk, I'll save it when I chat with you ♥ Lolz.

Once again,

Happy Birthday my oh-so-dear friend ♥


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