Friday, February 6, 2009

E-Sky Annual Dinner 08.

This post was due some time ago but I was lazy so well, here it is now =) Attended E-Sky's annual dinner 2 days before Chinese New Year. It was held in Mines Resort where there is an artificial beach and a once-tin-mine-lake on the other side of the space. E-Sky, a business commence 3 years ago, based in Kuchai Lama with only 2x co-workers including my cousin brother, Edmund, is an entity that builds website & programs for other entities. In this 3 years time, my cousin brother had work hard & closing deals with people from all over the world, including UK, Phillipines *I forget the spelling =P*, Macau, Korea, Hong Kong, Ireland, etc. E-Sky now consist of its own business online, with more than 80 workers, including ang mohs from UK and Korean people working in it. A little something for my cousin brother who had nothing at the beginning beside people looking down on him because he was brought up at my kampung & not the city, completed only his SPM & no further studies, I would like to give him a hug & say aloud "Congrats & you did it =)"

The dinner was great, or should I say the party? Its themed, beach party with beach wear only. Well, kind of I guess. Short pants, slippers, flip-flops, hawaiian-shirts, spaghetti-stripes, tank-tops, tube-tops, bikinis are much encouraged but since there is older people around, they are allowed to wear anything they like =) Free-flow of alcohol beverages all day/night long, a private villa with 4 rooms are rented for private use *for the people who KO-ed from all the drinks*, fireworks at night, live band, Dj & emcee were hired, you get the idea =)

Anyhow, the annual dinner cause a hefty sum of $$ but it was worth it. Don't forget your promise *wink* Next year, it will be on a cruise for everyone. Hooray~ Can't wait =D

Pictures pictures =)
The scenery surrounding the man made beach, the pool, the tin-lake, the boats, etc. It looks really lovely during sunset *dreamy* It was kinda early when I reach there but its all pack. Wonder where all the people went eh?
Spot the hut at the upper-left hand side of the picture? Thats the barcounter. Unlimited free-flow of tequilas pop, vodka shots, beers, red wines & whisky all-day long. The people were there drinking since like 1 in the afternoon? Lol. Alcoholics!
A pathway that leads to the beach & I found this man-made-cave/pathway really romantic to me. So I decided to..
Show the fat me! Whee~
My face starting to glow with all the wine. I just can't resist wine. Give me a red wine anytime^^
Another thing that I can't resist! Babies *loves*
Introducing the future CEO for E-Sky, Anne, my niece! My favourite one among the ton!
The alcoholics getting high at night.
This is the lake NOT THE pool & its really creepy at night. But when things go off hand with a bunch of people who started drinking since 1 p.m....
They decided to skinny-dip *well with underwears on since its a lake filled with fish & its MALAYSIA for God's sake* to the lake. I could only shoot 2 of them in the lake & theres lots other further out which is too dark for me. Eww. Scary.

More posts coming up but not now =C I'm sad to say I'm facing my final exams for Accounts next week so I'm burning midnight oil now =C

Going to the Zoo tomorrow!!! WooHoo!!!


The much anticipated trip to KK next Friday. Its my fourth trip in a year time =="

Till then, bye =)

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