Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goodnight, beautiful.

Anybody who's close with me will know that I love to read. When I say I love to read, I don't mean the read-when-I'm-free-or-have-nothing-else-to-do hobby kind of thing but when I start reading a book, I get so obsessed with the book that I'll bring it everywhere I go & read it with every second I have *I mean it* & sleep very little till I finish the book. I guess this habit of mine starts when I was really young, I will read a book & get so into it that I start feeling uneasy if the book was not finished & I'll bring it to my class *back when I was in primary school* & read the book under the drawer & I did the same thing through out my high school which landed me with quite some troubles with the teachers *but they all get used to it after some time*. Even now in uni, I still read in lecture hall. A bad habit that I must change if I ever want to make it through my uni.

Anyway, enough about me. Well the title of this post is actually the title of a book by one of my favourite authors, Dorothy Koomson. I don't usually blog about books but this book had given me an urge to blog about it. I think its just a out-of-the-moment-thing but might as well do it since I feel like it. Was bored last night because dad's using my comp so I ended up digging back some old books & re-read it. Yes, I never get bored of reading a same book over & over again. And I ended up crying & crying all over again. Anyway I forget everything I want to talk about since this was what came into my mind this afternoon on my way back home so well, its just another random piece but go check the book out. If I could re-cap back what I was thinking this afternoon which was really really meaningful, I'll edit this post.

Till then, bye =)

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