Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thanks to all my friends, I really am touched.

Been M.I.A for f0r quite some time. Nothing special with my life anyway. Oh & I cut my hair again. Yeap, its shorter again & this time, my mom is seriously pissed off. Been nagged for 2 days dy & she still seems to be dissatisfied. This weekend had been a terrible one, but I promise myself that I'll be strong & not let it influenced me that much. Well, I still emo & sulk around but well, I'm allowed to do that right. I just want to say thanks for all my friends for being there for me, Brian, K, Boy, Mark, Abel, Tiong.. And of course my babes too =) You girls know who you are. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. Oh, and to make it worst, I think I just lost a close friend of mine. Its a saddening thought. But well, life still goes on...

Am currently at Gilly Cafe with Sook Lee now. Brought my laptop along & test my camera out.

The first shot of my webcam! Wheee!!!

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