Monday, August 17, 2009

This is what happens when I wake up too early with work to do!

Amazing right? The usual-me-who-is-able-to-sleep-for-24/7 is now suffering insomia! Oh gosh.. Sleepless nights!! Manage to sleep only like 2 hours like last night. A torture for me, both physically & mentally. Was lying on my bed *with blink-blink eyes* around 5 something, got so fussed up since I couldn't get back to sleep that I decided to head to uni & sleep on the car till Brian scared the hell out of me! Lol! Chill around awhile before he headed off to his lecture so I ended up at the library, trying to do my work but well, insufficient sleep causes brain jam to me & ended up taking silly shots.

Shot 1
Shot 2

On another thought, was talking with Brian just now & when I came online, saw his pm "everything happens for a reason" which is very true. I guess I'm starting to understand the reason behind of what happened & I'm glad I get a clearer picture now. Maybe the picture is not exactly what I'm thinking, but I guess I'll know what to do. I'll follow my own instinct for once. A million of thanks are still insufficient to show how grateful I'm to my friends. All that they have done. And a big big thanks for Sook Lee for being beside me yesterday!

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