Monday, August 3, 2009

Random pieces here & there.

Well, like I previously said, or did I? I cut my hair freaking short when I came back from Melbourne & everybody who saw me was like "Woah, Cristine, what's wrong with you?" or practically something like that. nothing happened to me, its just long hair is getting boring since I have it for like 4-5 years? Its time for a change hence, I decided to snip it short & I'm liking it no matter what you bunch are saying, wackos!

Its pretty tiring, studying this new course but I find it interesting & fun in my own way. Well, if you love to watch channel like Animal Planet & National Geographic, you'll definitely be interested in my course. But like I said, its tiring & I'm skipping one of my lectures to get some rest now before the next one, and the next one and the next one. Instead of driving away *for sure I'll not return to campus* I decided to hit the computer lab to print some lecture stuffs & I found a few pictures in my pendrive. Yayyy! A few shots on the first few days during my trip to Melbourne. There's more than 200 shots, too lazy to even upload it in Facebook or here. Sorry for the delay my friends, I'll tag you by this weekend XD

Be prepared for my short hair look....

TaaDaa~ Nah. This not the shot! XD This was just the second time I cut my hair right before I leave Melbourne. Now its way shorter than THIS! The short-hair-pictures of mine will just have to wait but its getting long, thinking of going to trim it back to how it was when it was first cut.
And I'm missing all the really really really good friends who light up my days while I'm at Melbourne. These two will be one of the few best ones =C My crazy fella, Kenry & amazing babe, Amelia. Well, its one of the shot taken during chocolate drinking session at Max Brenner. We were sitting outdoor & well, a cup of hot chocolate at the chilly winter weather *it's really cold out there at night* is just the right thing to do *although I was too full for anymore*
And the reason why I was so busy since I'm back from Melb? Beside my studies, it will be because of these two. My brother & his girl. Why? I'll talk about that some other time but I just can't wait! And looking at this picture, it makes me miss the beef teppanyaki with garlic sauce! This is the Jap restaurant that serves really really good teppanyakis located @ Chapel Street. I'm sure Kenry Lo will agree with me XD
And with all the work to be done, studies to be studied *huh?*, preparations for some hrmm "stuff", family to deal with, I'm craving for this so so much! Planning to get a cuppa after class. Anybody wanna join? Lol.

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