Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Emo freak I'm one!

Sometimes I can't help but wonder where life will takes me to in the end.. Nope, I'm not talking about death, but what kind of ending will I have? Career, relationship, friendship, etc. I've once fallen down the emo-spell & is now emo-ing to no ends all the time, anywhere, anytime. A reason for it? Oh well, I got a hundred & one reasons for it.. None of it really matters though.. I'm still lost, confused with myself. My heart & mind tells me different things, yearns to act differently & the physical me is just stuck in between them both.. It's once again mission impossible for me & there's nothing that I can do.. I had been thinking for many night of "What-ifs?" but I guess it doesn't apply in this situation this time.. Back2reports! Awhhh!

[My self-confidence is in the lowest of the lowest, my mind filled with nothing but all the negative thoughts, everything just seems so bleak.. If only its there's a teeny weeny chance for a change.. Do I still believe in miracle though? I don't think so.. But do miracle really exist in the world? Or like fairytale, its just another lie?]

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