Friday, April 16, 2010

I so just wanna sleep..

Its 12:26 a.m. & its a Thursday night with few of worth-going-to-ladies-night in the city tonight. And here I'm sitting in front of my laptop, working on my assignments & reports, while looking at poeple's tweet updates on how much fun they are having. Well, the club part doesn't bother me much. But at least others get to go out & hang out at some random place & have berbonding sessions! Or maybe they can even sleep if they want to*which is the thing I'm craving to do the most*! When trying to think back, I can't remember when was the last time I really partied or or go out for days, all the shopping, yamchas, chilling-sessions and just ignored my classes & reports like I did back then. So here I'm, home alone, but guess what? I decided to stay in & work my on reports. And my bed is tempting me to the max... Luring me over to its warmth & loving covers..

Argh! What the hell.. Guess I'm stress to the max right now! Its back to my reports again people!

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