Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Year Eve 09'

Was snaking some time off my assignments *I guess I've a low stress tolerance* when I came across this old pictures. Yeap! Its New Year Eve for the year 2009 & decided its time to upload it one way or the other, well, I still have even older pictures like my birthday & Melbourne's one but there's like more than 200 pictures over in each album.. This one is much much lesser.. And looking at it reminds me of the good old times I had! And the hell I'm in now..

New Year Eve was spent with a bunch of good friends in Brussels @ JayaOne. Clubs & countdown-areas are definitely way too pack & crowded.. Chillin' paling baik ni.. And some yummylicious beer.. Da yum!

Arrived earlier to lim teh with Wei Hua.. & Brian!

Camwhore sekejab while waiting for a table/people to arrive..
Then bunnykins decided his t-shirt is way too "cool" to be ignored..
The big stage set up for the live band that was hired & the countdown activity when the clock strikes twelve!
All time favorite beer, Hoegaarden!
The guy who came back from Melbourne, Jack Shen & his girl! I srsly miss the old time when he was still in Sunway.. Arghh...
The other bunch of Subang kakiss!!
My gay-ass-bunnykins decided to go for "peace shots"
Me & my kitty.. The only missing thing in this picture is my Evonne Quek!!!
The guai-lan guy who didn't want to walk over to take a picture with me & insisted that I should be the one to walk the whole big round *we had more than 6 tables combined into an L-shaped thing*
Andrew - Me - Juice
Brian decided to erghh "initiate" Kitty's obsession for "tudung"..
Lol... So the night was practically spend talking here & there, there's lots of other people too, joking around, fooling around, etc. It was a good new year =)

So when the clock strives tweeelllveee.. Its a new year for everyone! Headed to Genting with some other friends around 2-ish in the morning after & ended up back at KL like 12 in the noon. It was good.. Really really good.. Can't help to wish that time could roll back to back then when everything was more care-free/assignment-free!

[Sometimes I seriously had the urge to give up my studies but life goes on & its a road that I had chosen, giving up just wouldn't do any good to me or my family. No matter how hard & bumpy the road ahead is gonna be, I still had to walk on. God, please give me the courage & the strength to walk in this chosen path & filled up the emptiness I'm feeling always..]

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