Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wine night out♥

Decided its time for a lil' more recent update. Well, not that recent actually but at least it happens in the year 2010 & not the 2009. Decided to bring the girls for a wine night out, sharing with them the love♥ of my life. You know how people say 'sharing is caring'. Lol. So its a night to La Bodega @ Pavilion. Pictures courtesy from Stephy's & Bee's camera =) They have enough cameras for each outing so I'll just keep mine er stuff somewhere *I think its inside the car now & rotting by itself with all the other rubbish inside*

Dinner first at Wong Kok with Ashley & Bee. Stephy & Eugene came to join us later. I'm sure my dear-oh-Kenry Lo who's in Melbourne now will love this. Oops, wait a minute, he's the one who love this first. A million thanks to Kenry for introducing this lovely Spanish wine to me♥ *Btw if you people have good wine to introduce, I'm always curious & eager to know..*
And goose liver pate♥ Another all time favorite there but I think I prefer the other one which was on bread then this dip one.
The 4 of us. Momo's at Melbourne at that time... Enjoying her rave & honeymoon =P
Wine wine wine wine wine.. Okay.. I think I'm craving for it now.. Arghh!
Me & Bee.. Seriously, if I'm a publisher.. I'll find her & publish a book on.. Well on all kind of Chinese-related-beliefs & practices =P
And the cute adorable girl sitting on the next table.. Oh, by the way, my sister in law gave birth last Saturday to Cally/Carry *Christian name not decided yet* Cheng Shin Sum, a healthy baby daughter aka my niece. Pictures of her will be published later. I had lotsa of them on my desktop, including video clips. Congrats congrats!
And I'm making my future house's living room/bed room with this wine rack on the ceiling. I can imagine going to sleep every night looking at it & waking up the next looking at it. It's going to guarantee stress-free-sleeping-nights & waking-up-in-paradise-mornings!

[Once again, I'm growing sick of my study life but there's no other choice but to complete my degrees studies. Maybe I'm just now the study-material-kind-of-people. Sometimes I feel I don't belong when I walked into Monash, looking at all the hypered-up students around me. And these days, I ended up thinking lots on the same old question: "What is life?" I guess this is one of those questions which answers I've to find on my own. These days, everything just seems to pass in a haze. A lil' numb perhaps?]

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