Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So close yet so far.

Last week was a hectic week of assignments, reports & illness, which is definitely not doing any good to my stress-level which is on the verge of overflowing & breaking. Weekend was spend in Melaka for Andy's 21st birthday which was practically a night where each & every of us are trying to get others pissed-drunk @ Libra, Jonker Walk. Day time is about food, food & oh well, food. Went home on Sunday with the emoness hitting to the top point hence I slept my noon away, drove to the city at night for some much beloved shopping..

....wine shopping!
Headed back home after & put on some aromatheraphy oils, candles, slow songs & a bottle of wine, all to myself on the balcony at night.. I guess I'm just drowing myself to all these loneliness..
Lavender oil hot water bath next..

After a bottle of wine & a hot water bath.. I can feel the body is much more relaxed but emotional wise? It still sucks. Argh!

[There's all these things that I'm feeling these days.. Most of it are unexpected & I can see where all these is heading too.. Its like I'm digging my own emotional grave myself but yet, I still can't help but falling into it.. Maybe its time to be rational & stop all these thing, be cruel to myself for now for a better future perhaps? Y A E I E W, Y Y A T O P T C N B M. Y A J T G. Y A M D. A I R, D A J D. I N C T. S W A I S H F I S M? T C I K M. So close yet so far.]

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