Monday, April 12, 2010

A piece of my mind.

There's this question/idea/thought/issue around my mind. Just had this conversation with a friend just now when the question came into my mind, its not the first time I asked this question but this might as well be the first time I ask it in public. This question is aimed towards girls as I roughly get the guy's answer toward this question.

"What makes you goes for a one night stand?"

Well, this question would had to be answer by females who had experience in this area. Or at least she had tried it at least once before she could answer me. I never see fault in a girl going for one night stand but I had no idea what is the motivation or the reason behind that gave her enough courage to do it, and the most important part, to do it and wake up to a random stranger the next day beside her with NO regret at all. The risk in having one night stand around, especially as a life habit, had high risk of being infected with STD and at the same time, risk of getting pregnancy. Besides that, what about the emotional/mental part in this "game"? Can a female just sleep with a random guy without any feelings towards him and just enjoy the sex part? Or they can be strong enough to ignore all their own feelings towards the random guy and walk away the next day? And what happen if you do it and woke up the next day with regret towards what happened last night? There's just so many things I couldn't understand. Maybe it takes someone to experience it to understand it. Or maybe there's just nothing to be understand about but just sex.

I do belief in having "fubu" though. At least this is something I can understand. You have sex constantly with this ONLY other person, vice-versa him as well but you're not in a relationship with him. You can see the person for a year, repeat the same lifestyle, do everything a couple in a relationship do and still, you guys are just friends. Most of the time, I find people who's in this situation is either commitment phobic, doesn't wants to be in a relationship for the time being, just lonely & needed someone to accompany [a companion], still wants to have fun out there and doesn't want to be tie down, etc. But in this kind of "relationship", another question surfaced in my mind. When do you know you're no longer in the safe zone and developed genial love feelings for the other half? But the other half stills wants to be only in this complicated single-yet-in-a-relationship status. So what do you do? You're no longer in the safe waters and are now facing the risk of getting hurt by no one other than your own actions?

This post is not morale-ethically correct but these things do happen in reality and its becoming a common. Look around you and you might happen to see people around you in a similar situation or maybe even one day, you'll find yourself in a similar situation. So what do you do when you're in a situation like this? Just another random thought of mine though. Feel free to share your view.

[Every girls had their own dream, own fairytale, own prince. I had mine too but as I grew up, I found things aren't that simple in reality and my own life doesn't unfold like a fairytale story does. I still believe in true love and hoped to find my own one day, but sometimes, the idea of me never finding one, dying alone occurs in my mind. I'm sure there's no such thing as an insurance that guarantee you being able to find your other half. In the sea of people, is there a guy for me out there who love me too like I love him? I wonder.]

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