Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday with parents.

Birthday with my parents was simple & pleasing. We didn't invite any cousins or relatives but headed of to Le Meredien for dinner where mom had secretly ordered me a cheese cake from the hotel's chef. *Sadly I still prefer the cheese cake from my last year birthday which was from Millenium Hotel* It was a simple yet pleasant dinner & we had plenty of talks & talks. Mom wanted us to go over to Zeta Bar *which is located at Hilton Hotel right beside* for a drink but we was too tired that we decided to head home & continue our talk =)

Thanks Mom & Dad for everything. Although I might be a lil' naughty & rebellious at times, but I still love you all with everything I had & if given me a choice, I will still have you both as my parents. Muacks!

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