Friday, November 7, 2008

A long day.

I'm dead tired now. Gonna resume my hibernate mode after this post =) If you guys have noticed, I have not been posting any pictures for freaking long & I have a good reason for this. It's a long story, but skipping to the end is I have my camera with me but my camera card is still stuck at some machine but I decided to try out my mom's new Canon Ixus 90 IS camera which she bought while we were in Hong Kong.

Exam is done for now & I have a few weeks of break before my summer classes are starting. Yeap, I'm taking summer course so I doesn't have a 4-month long break like most others do but I might as well make use of my time since my double degree course is already eating up 4 years of my time. I had only 3 hours slept before I woke up & joined Angel. Had chicken crossaint, fruit salad & tiramisu from Hilton Hotel because she was there that morning & end up taking-away some breakfast for me. Headed over to Pyramid after that.

Oh ya, before I forget. I know some of my friends who had heard about my family financial problem is kinda worried about me. Well, everybody at everywhere is facing financial crisis now due to the recession over at U.S. & for my dad, it's consider the 2nd wave of tsunami because he was hit by the 1st wave at the beginning of the year. Well, it's okay, we will still survive, it's just that I'm going to spend less, eat less & is moving back to my house next year.

Back to the topic. I decided to pamper myself & try out something which I had never tried. It's nothing special because most girls have tried it these days but I was not into it at that time & since it's after-exams & I'm bored with what's there to do, I decided to head over to Shu Uemura & try out their fake eyelashes. Seriously, I had no confidence towards other fake eyelashes in the market, like those they sell in SaSa or nightmarket or online shop or whatever. I'm very picky when it comes to anything that goes to my face, even if it's just extension. Selina is currently working over at Pyramid's branch so she was explaining me to the type of eyelashes they have over there & the typical me of course choose the most natural one BUT not the one that is seperated as in a few eyelashes, a few eyelashes, ergh I don't really know how to explain it. I bought another blusher from her too. I'm really interested in Shu Uemura's blusher and I have 2 shades of their pink and 1 shade of their violet. I'm currently using another blusher from Christian Dior for day use, remember the puffy one? It's very natural & gives a healthy glow. Chose a orange blusher this time, should say peach in colour.

Next stop: Shoe! I saw a pair I really like but it went out of size 5. Had them reserved for me & it's available at Sungai Wang branch. Gonna go over there & pick it up.

Drop Angel home & headed over to Summit to keep check on the renovation process of Gillian's shop over there. Had lunch with her, Chris, her mom & sister. Took us up for quite some time because we ended up shopping over at Cold Storage, stocking up on junk foods ==" Went over to Bunny's house afterwards & waited for Wei Hua to reach home before going over to fetch him along. Telok Gong, here we comes =) The seafood is awesome & cheap if you know how to order *but beware there is lots of shops there & make sure you pick the right one you go to*. I forget the name of the restaurant I went into but me & my family went there often enough so I know the way. Drain all the food & their famous alcohol known as "coconut or according to Wei Hua conunut flower wine*. Took a short nap on the way back before heading over to MOS. Lots of people were there. My Monash mates, friends from Inti, from Metropolitan, from Segi, my pet brother, Kam Seng, my pet sister, Jeanie & her boyfriend, Kenry & their daughter, Jacklyn, Wei Lip & his friends, Tiong, Mark, Abel, K, Julian, ergh the list goes on & on. Lots of things happen but end up everybody was happy =) Asia Cafe next for yamcha sessions with my Monash "family". Headed back to Condo with Chia Ee & fall asleep at around 5 something.

Lots of pictures since I didn't post any for quite some time! Enjoy =) Hoho!

My fake eyelashes & orange blush =)

Camwhoring dekat Bunny's car while waiting for Wei Hua to come down. The eyelashes wasn't that obvious in this picture. The next one worst =="

Very-de-obvious fake eyelashes. I still can't really get use to it but it's just for the fun of it since I never tried before.

All the food we ate. 3 of us & we ordered 1 salted chicken *whole chicken nia =="*, fried oyster-cake, fried "lai niu ha" with oats & a vege. Gone case. Fattening betul!
Me & Jacklyn! Gosh, she was tipsy at the end of the night!

My beloved sister & I. I had not seen her for a long time. Me with my exams, me with her new boyfriend. Anyhow it was fun BEFORE she left early. Her new hairstyle is funky! *counting years of our sisterhood, 13 years & more to go!*

Me & Pei Yee! This is a small small world. She's Abel's friend but end up following kor's friend over. I'm surprised that she still remember who I am. Met her once over at BarCelona only =)

Me. Sister. Jacklyn.

Another pic while chilling at The Deq.

Hoho! Me & my pet brother, Kam Seng. Currently single & available. Anyone interested? But seriously hor, he sayangs me lots! *counting years of sister-brotherhood, 7 years & more to go!*

Me & Daniel. He's not my boyfriend. Please don't misunderstand. I don't want to be murdered. He's just my sister =) Don't emo =)

One of the few that make my Monash days memorable. Please don't be sad for too long k? If she doesn't know how to appreciate the good & just can't stand the long distance, its her lost. I had tried once & regretted it.

Me & Mark. He look so gone ==" You are the one who should BEHAVE!

Abel & me. See his new hairstyle! Damn Q I tell you! Make him looks so kiddo. He's always Q but this hairstyle makes him look even cuter! My god. I wonder why Ah Yang cut this hairstyle.

Me & K!! Sorry for not replying your messages & answering your calls before this! You lar! Call or sms the wrong time. Always find the time I'm busy sleeping then you find me. You know, during pre-examination-preparation period, every minute I can sleep is precious!!

The birthday boy with some Monash, some Metropolitan, some KDU or HELP *which I forget*. Rojak betul.

And finally! Kenry posting for my camera. I was testing my mom's camera because I couldn't really grasp the way it functions so was testing around & he was posing. Gosh!

A long day AND a really long post. Hoho.

Naaaahhh niggggghhttt

Loves =)

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