Saturday, November 29, 2008

Of car accident. Still traumatized.

I can't sleep. Might as well write on what happened yesterday night. I was driving & ended up got trapped inside some kind of traffic. Saw the jam over at the front & there's no other way for me to use so started to break. Came to a complete haul & waited for the cars to start moving.

Could feel the light of the car behind me getting brighter.

A glance at the rear-view mirror.

I know it was bang-bang time.

I couldn't do anything since I was caught in between.

The next thing I know, me, myself was being pushed forward *so is my car* & when my car hit the other car over at the front, I was pushed backwards again *the force of being hit by the car behind & hitting the car in front* The sound was $#^$@!#!.

I was shocked, rooted to my sit. After taking a few deep breath, I got down the car. Four cars were involved, with mine being the third car. My legs was shaking & I silently swear later on for wearing heels. I thought I was okay. Got down the car, started talking to a friendly lady whose car is the first one. She was fetching her kids & she was telling me that her kids were telling her this.

"Mama. Someone pushed us from behind." *Lol*

Suddenly I started vomiting at the side of the road. Feeling dizzy & everything. I asked Daniel to come over & he came over with Jackson. I went into shock I guess. I called my dad up, after explaining everything to him in a perfectly-calm-voice, I suddenly burst up & started to cry. Literally bawling in the middle of the road. Later on, the man whose car is in the front of mine, offer me a paper & pen to write down all three car plates number, owner's name & phone number. Only then, I realized my hand was shaking so badly that I can't even write. The man copied everything down for me.

My car. It needs to be towed. My beloved Peugeot 206 cc. Lucky I was driving a Peugeot I guess. My back wasn't that bad, the boot dented & a light broke. But the car who hit me, the fucking Proton Saga who was drove by a equally-dumb-fucking-young-lady, well I guess, its bad enough that all 3 cars is going to claim their insurance on her's but at the same time, 3/4 of her car's head was gone. Like everything gone. All smashed to bits & bits over at the road, with pieces of glasses sticking to my car. But the worst part was that my car's front, the thing that contains water *sorry for my description because I really have no idea on what it is called* starts leaking. The car needs to be towed. Fuck. Anyhow what happened after is like any accidents, police reports, pictures taken, etc. Daniel sent me home.

I seemed okay at that time. Still in shock. No visible injuries beside having on of my hand feeling a little pain. I was out of words. Literally drowned myself with a hot-water shower. It was after the shower when I start feeling the pain. My neck, my hand & my leg. Mom & dad decided to send me for X-ray the next day but I was feeling sick & scared that I stayed at home the whole day. Called my brother up over at Melbourne where he start comforting me. Anyhow I couldn't sleep the whole night. I was feeling tired but everytime when I close my eyes, flashes of what happened appeared on my mind & with the pain my neck is giving, I ended up rolling on my bed the whole night, falling asleep when the sun's about to rise.


My neck still hurts now.

I guess my car's injuries is even worst than mine but mom say X-ray is a must cause she's afraid I'll suffer from internal injuries *which she says do happen* but so far, my neck & my hand is giving me the worst pain.

I wouldn't be around for five days. Heading over to Penang, Phuket & Singapore in a cruise trip with my family. I guess I can relax at that time. My neck's hurting again. Better lie down.

Ouch. And sob =C. Fucker Nina. Yeap, that's the name of the lady who bang into my car. I hate you & your driving skills. Please re-take your driving test. Gosh. The guy who gave you a pass must be blind or something or did you had sex with him or gave him a blow-job or something that made him gave you a pass?

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