Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The conversation with him.

Had a long talk with Ian last night. Halfway through it, a argument-like thing started up but he had his reasons & rights & I had my way of thinking so we never exactly screamed or snap at each other *but I did cry*. Instead, like most of the time, we talk things over, trying to tell each other what's on our mind *although some of it do hurt but its better to know now than when its too late*. I'm not going to post the content of our conversation here but only bits of the last part.

Something about reality, classes & people. The upper-society or the lower-society? Its too realistic or cruel at times to judge people & classified them these way. I guess I don't feel that the lower-society is something to be ashamed of & the upper-society is something superior. Both side consists of living people, trying to live their own life. Sometimes it doesn't really matter which side you are on, as long as you are happy. It depends on the form of your happiness. To some people, it might be the form of money, fame, family, life, etc.

To me, its simple. Make life simple. I know it might sound funny to you *directed to Ian* or weird that I said the word simple when you thinks that I always make things or tend to think things the complicated way but its true. I just want a simple life. In life, there's tons of failures, holes, walls that nobody can avoid but at the same time, there's many barriers of these are created by us, our self.

I wanna say sorry & apologize if I say anything that hurt you last night, baby. I know its your exam tomorrow & you're in bed now. I just wanna tell you to try your best & do everything you could & I'll be supporting you over here.


Anyhow I went to celebrate my birthday earlier with my parents over at Le Meredien today. Had our dinner there with the hotel's infamous cheese cake as my birthday cake. I made a wish. Pictures up soon. Good night.

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