Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Exam has finally come to an END.

Well, for this semester anyway, it has come to an end but there is still lots more to go in the future. But still, it is something worth to be happy about *or I should say my sleepless, stressful nights had come a pause for now*

I had sleepless nights these days. Insomia *yuck*. But it's true. I can spend my day studying non-stop *which means no afternoon naps* till late night, like practically 3-4 a.m. since the previous morning and my eyes get all droopy, threaten to close on its own if I don't get to bed soon. I'll then head to my bed, close my eyes, shutting my brain off for some rest.


My brain starts to spin, think, voicing it's own opinion, projecting thoughts which is supposed to remain on the back of my head on its own, creating another sleepless night ending up me falling asleep only at sunrise & waking up a few hours later to study again.


I had tried all ways to make me sleep, music which varies from Kenny G's to house music, hot drinks from milk to coffee *coffee help me sleeps in normal time*, aroma-theraphy, mask, massage, drinking till drunk *oooo.. sensational*, swimming, skipping afternoon naps, tiring myself out, not sleeping for more than 4 hours in 2 days & many more idiotic, stupid ways but still my mind wouldn't shut *I have considered using the psysical way to shut it down but is afraid of the pain T_T*

I had previously planned that after the exam, I'll hibernate for days *which in Bunny's mind will be till Thursday which meant party day for him, right?* Stop thinking of partying & concentrate on Biology paper first! Ish!



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