Friday, November 7, 2008

Middle-east food over at Al Nafourah, Le Meredien.

Mom had this urge to try out the middle-eastern food over at Le Meredien Hotel, KL Sentral since she had heard her friends mentioning tons of times about the food over there. I was assigned as the driver since mom doesn't really know her way around that area. It was still quite empty when we reached there because it wasn't officially the lunch hour yet & the OLs & OGs are not officially there yet. Take our own sweet time to order & end up the chef recommend that weekly set lunch *because it uses swordfish as its maincourse & mom loves fish*. The food was awesome, arranged delicately like most other five stars hotels do that I decided to grab my mom's camera & start snapping =)

My picture. Hoho. So long since I posted pictures up. I was effing bored & my mom was too busy getting ready so.. =)
The interior design of the restaurant. At the back is some private areas where they have sofa seats for a table of 4-8. The place I was sitting *which is not shown in the picture* is a row of tables for 2 or 4 besides tall glass windows, overlooking the swimming pool & garden.

Starter for the course. *Actually I wrote down the name of the food but the paper had gone M.I.A.* Its actually 3 chicken kebabs slice filled with some kind of nuts & herbs behind, with a coleslaw salad at the middle.

Amelie, remember this one? Remember the time when he headed over to TarBush & I wanna order lemonade, end up they serve this one for us? Lol. This one taste like roti canai to me but its less oily. It's actually kind of flour bread or something *I guess* but I think the ones over at TarBush was way nicer.
While waiting for the maincourse, my mom decided to snap a picture of me *which is all because of me wearing a very cute & kiddo shirt that day* =="
Our maincourse with the compliment drink which taste like rosewater. The stew is made up of swordfish slices, tomatoes, carrots, olives & potatoes cooked in a tomato pulp with a touch of their herbs. It taste sweet & soury & the fish is really awesome. Served with a small portion of fried rice.
And finally, the dessert! Well, the set doensn't include any dessert but I was tempted to order as it's one of my favourite dessert.. Apple tart! Which is similiar to apple pie just that it comes in the tart form. Excellent with a cup of tea. Ooo & middle-east people drink teas with hot milk o_o. Anyhow satisfied my craving for desserts =)Oh ya, before I forget, if you are a coffee lover, you must try out the Arabian style coffee. It's awesome & way much different from those you drink at Starbucks! Did you guys know? I hate starbucks. Serious. But I love other coffee house, with Coffee Bean ranking the 1st place =)

Anyhow, my plan to go on a diet fail miserably. I'm still eating non-stop. Aiks. Who cares as long as I'm happy. Duh! Bwai *winks*

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