Monday, November 10, 2008

Of facial & birthday.

Went over to Beyond Beauty for my supposingly-monthly-facial today but instead of using my usual triple-action treatment, I tried a new one called "MR" today. The beautician said I had missed my monthly appointment for too long *due to exams* & there is lots of dead skin & MR will suits me better. It works well. Its a fast treatment, using machine and a tube where the opening is filled with crystal dust & they suck/absorb *out of words to describe the feeling* from your skin. The process is pain-free but its not something you will enjoy like the normal pampering kind but its good in someway because this treatment is finished with double mask, one for soothing & moisturizing & another one is mixed according to the requirement of your skin *mine is always filled with peppermint because its a little too sensitive* & finally, a shoulder massage =)


Back to another topic..

My birthday is approaching and I was thinking previously on not celebrating it because I don't feel like doing the organizing & calling & arranging thing. And another reason is because I don't feel like asking my dad for money.


It's going to be my last birthday over here in K.L. & the next 3 years are most probably going to be done over in Melbourne or wherever I'm going to study. So I changed my mind again & decided to celebrate *insisting on not asking my dad for money. maximum. drink lesser.* but I'm starting to regret. Calling up people & not getting a 100% confirmation *when they are the one who ask me to celebrate!* is hard to plan anything.

Give me some advice.

Should I or should I not celebrate?

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